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Little Brownie, is inspired by girls to bring you the best Cookie Program possible, In fact, they are telling the world what a girl can do with Girl Scout Cookies by showcasing amazing stories from across the country. When they see how other girls are making a big difference with Girl Scout Cookies, volunteers and girls dream bigger. And customers are inspired to help. Click here to view one of the videos. 

    Girl Scouts set sales goals individually and with their troop or group, create a plan to reach their goals, and they develop Cooperation and Team Building skills all along the way!

    Girl Scouts help decide how their team will spend their cookie money,furthering Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills.

    Girl Scouts take orders, handle customers’ money and gain valuable and Practical Life Skills around financial literacy.

    Girl Scouts learn how to talk to, listen to and work with all kinds of people during the sale. These experiences help girls develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills they can use throughout life.

    A Girl Scout is honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Her business ethics here reinforce the Positive Values she is developing as a Girl Scout.

2015 Girl Scout Cookie Program

Key 2015 Dates

January 10       Girls take orders 

January 10- March 15  Online orders

February 23 - March 1 Restaurant Week & National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 

February 20 - March 15  Cookie booths at local businesses;
Council cookie cupboards open   

March 30 - April 5 Girl Scouts Give Back Week

For more information about Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas Cookie Program please contact Product Sales at   Please check back December 1 for more details about our 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Program.   

Did you know that: 

  • The sale of Girl Scout Cookies began in 1917 as a way for troops to be self-reliant and finance their own activities 
  • Many successful women leaders tell us that their first entrepreneurial experience was selling Girl Scout Cookies 
  • Five of the top selling cookies sold in the United States are Girl Scout Cookies; sales of Thin Mints surpassed those of Oreos in 2012, making Thin Mints the No. 1 selling cookie in the country. The Diamonds Council is unique in that we are one of the few Girl Scout councils in the United States that Samoa is the #1 selling cookie!
  • All of the proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program stay within our communities to benefit area girls      

Our partner for the 2014 Girl Scout Cookie Program is Little Brownie Bakers, which has been baking delicious Girl Scout Cookies for more than 30 years. the bakery produces eight varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, including the nationally recognized brands Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils and Thin Mints, Savannah Smiles, Thank U Berry Munch and Dulce de Leche.    

Did you know that Little Brownie Bakers makes their own caramel for Samoas and uses the same peanut butter as Hershey’s as one of the ingredients for Do-si-dos and Tagalongs?    

They have pioneered innovations in Girl Scout Cookie technology such as the Girl Scout Cookie Locator, Cookie Booth Sale Recorder and Cupboard Keeper mobile apps.     

Little Brownie Baker also developed Cookie Club, an online marketing tool girls use to collect Girl Scout Cookie promises from customers via email. Research shows that customers order more Girl Scout Cookies online, an average of six packages, than in person, an average of three packages. The girls deliver these cookie orders to customers and collect payment.   

Girl Scout Cookies are a beloved tradition and highly anticipated by customers each year. Girl Scouts – Diamond’s Cookie Program will begin on, Saturday, January 11, 2014, and Girl Scout Cookies will be available at troop Cookie Booths from February 21 through March 16, 2014.   Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas troops are encouraged to participate in Gift of Caring, which gives customers the opportunity to purchase Girl Scout Cookies that will be donated either to military troops or another charitable organization of the troop’s choice.    

Cookies sell for $4.00 a box.