Girl Scout Leadership Institute

Girl Scouts - Diamonds invites girls ages 14 and older to apply to attend the Girl Scout Leadership Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 16-20, 2014.The Girl Scout Leadership Institute is part of Girl Scouts of the USA’s National Convention. However, girls who attend the institute are not part of the council’s official delegation to the convention and will not have voting rights. GSLI girls will meet with other Girl Scouts from all over the world for a collection of classes and learning experiences focusing on everything from fashion to engineering. Girls select their own classes and tracks. They will also participate in the national gatherings and see the Hall of Exhibits at the national convention.All expenses will be paid for GSLI girls, and the trip will include an extra day for sight-seeing. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Return the GSLI application by the March 21 deadline.

Girl Application  Chaperone Application 

Girl Scouts - Diamonds will select 6 girl members and 2 adult chaperones.

What is the Girl Scout Leadership Institute? 

The Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI) is a triennial conference that presents girls 14 and older with three days of leadership skill-building activities tied to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). Each GSLI is unique, and the 2014 GSLI is no exception. Girls tell us they want to make a real difference in the world, so this GSLI will focus on big issues about which girls across the country and around the globe are passionate. Girls will get the latest information on their chosen issues from experts in the field, work together on solutions, learn techniques for innovation, advocacy, and planning, and return home ready to make a specific impact in their communities and councils. The GSLI experience will give each girl the opportunity to make new friends, develop important skills, learn about new planning processes, and take advantage of a support system that will be there to meet her needs -- all delivered in a fun, engage way. Each girl will also create action plans that will provide her and her council with a significant and lasting return on investment. 

Who can attend? 

The Girl Scout Leadership Institute is open to girls 14 and older from all 112 councils and USAGSO. Councils are encouraged to send teams of girls, and the Institute is open to both Girl Scouts and non-members (who will be asked to register as members in time for the event).

Girls who are elected as national delegates are automatically registered for GSLI. The girl delegates can be considered as part of the recommenced team of girls or as additions to the team of girls; the decision is up to the council. the GSLI sessions overlap with the National Convention Session, so girls who are elected as national delegates will attend the National Convention session as a delegate and will miss some of their selected issues sessions. Council will want to consider this when selecting girls as delegates or to participate in the GSLI. 

Facts about the 2014 GSLI

Eligibility: Girls who are 14 or older at the time of GSLI (by October 16, 2014) are eligible to attend the GSLI.

Dates: GSLI will run from early afternoon on October 16, 2014, through the evening of October 18, 2014.

Participation in national convention: Girls' and chaperones' fees include admission to the national convention, and girls are encouraged and welcome to attend the business sessions, exhibits, celebrations, and conversations when GSLI is not in session. 

Cost: the GSLI requires group registration (girls and chaperones), and the fee includes entrance to the National Convention Sessions, Conversations of Consequence, Hall of Experiences, Plenaries, and some meals, as well as all GSLI sessions and materials. Onsite registration will not be available. 

Girl's fee: $250 (covered by Girl Scouts - Diamonds) 

Chaperone's Fee: $250 (covered by Girl Scouts - Diamonds)

Selection of girl participants 

The Girl Scout Leadership Institute is designed to challenge and engage teen girls who are excited about how they will impact the world, are positive role models for the peers and younger girls, have aspirations to do big things for other, are in leadership roles in their school, church, community group, or council, or who have hidden leadership potential waiting to burst forth. 

Selection of chaperones and advisors

 Each council's GSLI delegation should be accompanied by adult chaperones who are able to work with the girls before and during GSLI and are committed to supporting girls' action plans when they return home. Chaperones will have their own adult sessions on the issues girls are addressing and on the planning process girls are learning so they will be ready to provide back-home support. 

Roles and responsibilities 

  • Understanding and following the council policies and procedures for teen travel 
  • Working with girls in advance of the GSLI to prepare them for travel to Utah, and ensuring they have a safe, fun, and engaging convention and GSLI experience
  • Attending the pre-event webinars for chaperones or downloading and viewing the recorded webinar
  • Chaperoning the girls during GSLI and convention
  • Participating in chaperone sessions to learn how to support girls' back-home initiatives 
  • Supporting girls when they return to ensure they have what they need in order to implement their action plans 

Preparing for the GSLI experience 

GSLI registration will open in Spring 2014. Girls will not register individually on their own, but rather will be part of a group registration submitting by the council. All girl and chaperone fees are due at the time of registration. Some councils may not have selected their girls to attend by the time registration opens, so councils may go ahead and reserve spots and have until July 15, 2014, to register the individual names of girls and chaperones for GSLI. councils may make substitutions until September 15. The refund policy will be the same as it is for the rest of the convention registration. 

Being part of the council delegation
Girls add excitement and mission-focus to council's delegation. as you plan for training your delegation, including the girls in those pre-convention session will build their leadership skills, enrich their entire experience, and give them access to a network of adults who will support their success when they return home.  

Volunteer experience for girls
During the national convention, girls who attend GSLI or are part of your delegation may have the opportunity to volunteer for other convention events. Girls will be needed for ceremonies, in special girl spaces in the Hall of Exhibits, and during the Conversations of Consequence. Councils will learn about these opportunities during subsequent GSLI-focused webinars.