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Questions & Answers

How are girls grouped?

Girl Scouting builds on a progressive, age-appropriate national curriculum that asserts that girls benefit from being with other girls who are socially and emotionally similar in their development. Girls may participate in a number of different pathways, but our resources generally focus on linking girls to their peers in the following age levels:  

  • Girl Scout Daisy: Grades K-1  
  • Girl Scout Brownie: Grades 2-3 
  • Girl Scout Junior: Grades 4-5 
  • Girl Scout Cadette: Grades 6-8 
  • Girl Scout Senior: Grades 9-10 
  • Girl Scout Ambassador: Grades 11-12 

Why do all Girl Scouts pay $15 membership dues each year?

The $15 membership dues go directly to Girl Scouts of the USA each year so that girls can receive all the benefits of being a member of a national organization. Currently there are 2.4 million girl members and nearly one million volunteers who are members. 

Membership dues are approved by the National Council which consists of delegates elected by Girl Scout councils across the country, as well as members of the National Board of Directors and National Nominating Committee, and others. Any changes to the national dues must be proposed and approved by the National Council at a National Council Meeting held every three years. 

As members who have paid their annual dues (or paid a lifetime membership), girls and volunteers receive the benefits of a nationally consistent Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the opportunity to benefit from program resources developed by teams of experts (e.g. journey books, Girl Guide to Girl Scouting), and basic activity insurance that provides coverage during Girl Scout activities. Girl Scouts of the USA also provides resources that support volunteer training and enrichment. 

Financial support for all other local activities, events, trainings, and opportunities that benefit girls is provided through a combination of troop dues, program fees, corporate and foundation grants such as your local United Way, product program revenue, Family Partnership gifts, and other philanthropic gifts from individuals and families. 

What are service units?

Service units are organized by specific geographic areas that enable volunteers and staff to provide localized program delivery and membership support. An established Service Unit is a minimum of 5 separate Girl Scout Troops and is lead by administrative volunteers who make up the Service Team.