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Property Reservation Procedures for Print

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Property Reservation Procedures

In order to reserve a site for camping, troops/groups must complete the appropriate property reservation forms and pay the site fees. Please check each property page for information about rental units and availability. We do not keep a waiting list for campsites.


Property Reservation Form: Complete the appropriate property reservation form for the property you wish to reserve, and select two choices for property reservation dates. A form must be completed for day and/or night reservations. Select specific facilities and activities to determine fees. Add facility fees, damage/holding fee deposit and equipment rental fee to find the total amount owed. 

Certification and Training: Submit current copies of all certifications needed for camping and additional activities to the North Little Rock office at least one week prior to rental. Refer to Volunteer Essentials and council policies and guidelines for information pertaining to training and travel requirements. 

Reservation Process: Submit the Property Reservation Form online or mail to the North Little Rock Office, along with deposit/holding fee two weeks prior to the first requested date. Reservations are received on a first-come, first-served basis and are not approved until deposit payment is received, and site availability and training confirmations have been made. 

Confirmation: Upon receipt of payment and confirmation of training, you will receive a confirmation packet, which will include property information and a Usage Form for the appropriate properties. You will be notified if dates are not available. 

Cancellations: Fees and deposits are returned only if written cancellation notice is given one week prior to the confirmed reservation. Forced cancellation due to severe weather warnings will be rescheduled, if possible, or fees will be reimbursed to the troop or group. 

Before leaving camp: The Usage Report must be completed within 10 days of rental. You can mail or drop it off at the North Little Rock Office, or complete the form online.  The Usage Report should be completed within ten days or your damage/holding fee will be forfeited. You MUST check out or call before leaving camp, to let the camp ranger or property caretaker know that all adults and campers are off the premises. 

Rangers and Site Caretaker: Each camp has different arrangements for Rangers/Site Caretaker. Please see your confirmation packet for information on where to locate the Ranger/Site Caretaker when you arrive to the camp and contact information for the Ranger/Site Caretaker. 

Damage Deposit: Upon receipt of the Usage Form and inspection of the site by the Camp Ranger or property caretaker, your damage deposit will be refunded to you. Your refund should be mailed to you within 30 days of your property use date. If damage is found, you will not receive a refund of the damage deposit and you will also be responsible to pay for any additional costs incurred to return the property back to its original condition. 

Reserving a Girl Scout Property: To reserve Camp Cahinnio, Crossed Arrows, High Point, Kemp, Noark, Radford House, Taloha or Burnham Woods   

Complete the property's specific reservation form online, or mail the form to: 

Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas
615 West 29th Street; North Little Rock, AR 72114
Fax: 501-758-9656