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Getting Ready

Preparing your 1st time camper for a successful summer: 

1. Sit down with your camper and make decisions together about what sessions she will attend. 

2. Talk to your camper about what she will experience at camp. 

3. Set your child up for success and tools to manage homesickness. Be positive and tell your child that they will have fun while at camp. Try not to remind them how much you will miss them while they are gone. 

4. Encourage her to try new things and be adventurous. 

5. Let her experience overnights away from home before camp. 

6. Write upbeat and cheerful letters. Remember that mail may take a few days to arrive, so write some letters and send them early. 

Camp is for every girl. Girls entering 1st through 12th grade, regardless of Girl Scout membership or financial status is eligible to attend Diamonds Resident Camps. Girls will be registered as Girl Scouts for an additional membership fee of $15 in addition to their camp fee. If a girl cannot afford the camp or membership fee, we have financial assistance available. Please review the brochure for more information.   

Camp is an “Unplugged” environment. In today’s society people are always within reach of a smartphone or computer. At camp, we focus on face-to-face interactions and communication. We understand that technology is an everyday occurrence, however we feel that it is a parent’s responsibility to control who their daughter contacts via social media therefore we ask that all devices be left at home.   

Girls will sleep in a new place. Talk to your girl about going to a new place and discuss what new things she might experience.  Focus on being positive and talk about the counselors that are there to support her.  Take a night or two before camp to stay outside when it gets dark to listen to the sounds of the night.  Help her to understand what the strange noises might be.   

Being away from home is sometimes difficult. Missing home is not unusual and even the staff will miss it but we do not want the feeling to take away from a camper’s experience.  Take some time to talk about being away from home and discuss the different ways to help cope with the feeling of missing home.  This could include talking with new friends, participating in activities, or writing a letter home.    

Camp is a place to make new friends. The number one reason girls go to Girl Scout camp is to make new friends.  It is the perfect place for girls to interact with other girls from across the council.  Talk with your girl about what it means to be a friend.  Remind them that they are not alone if they are feeling nervous or afraid.