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Girl Scout Leadership Experience

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience does not simply teach girls about leadership; it engages them in the process of leadership. Whether they participate weekly in Girl Scout Troop meetings, attend summer camp, or complete a few day workshops each year, girls in our programs work cooperatively and learn-by-doing so they:

  • Develop positive values
  •  Feel connected to their communities - both locally and globally
  •  Gain practical life skills
  •  Advance diversity in a multicultural world
  •  Seek challenges in the world
  •  Can identify community needs
  •  Develop critical thinking
  •  Are resourceful problem solvers
  •  Develop healthy relationships
  •  Advocate for themselves and others
  •  Promote cooperation and team-building
  •  Educate and inspire others to act
  •  Resolve conflicts
  •  Feel empowered to make a difference in the world

72% more Girl Scouts than non-Girl Scouts will resist negative peer pressure.

76% of girls try new things in Girl Scouting that otherwise they would not have experienced.

71% of Girl Scouts nationwide will achieve A's and B's as compared to 50% of girls nationwide.

81% of Girl Scouts are more likely to attend college.

61% of women who have been Girl Scouts believe their membership influenced their success.

64% of women in Who's Who of American Women were Girl Scouts.