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2014 Gold Award Recipients


            2014 Gold Award Recipients

Morgan Paige Asbill Troop number: 5223, Springdale, AR Troop leader: Stacye Wyatt Parents: Ron & Jennifer Asbill Morgan created House Bill 1410 (HB1410) which is now Arkansas Act 328 – an Arkansas law that allows Arkansas High Schools to offer American Sign Language as a foreign or modern language option for high school credit. Arkansas is now the 35th state to offer American Sign Language as a foreign language credit option for high school students, a nationally recognized foreign language.

Alexis Barnes Troop number: 6659, Little Rock, AR Troop leader: Kim Holland Parents: Yolonda Martin Alexis’ project provided literacy awareness, while actively engaging children ages 3, 4 and almost 5 in the act and importance of reading, to Tiny Tots Childcare Facility. Alexis  kicked off her project with a reading/literacy session with the kids; then donated books and other items such as diapers, wipes, etc. to the families.  

Megan Chapin Troop number: 4005, Fort Smith, AR Troop leader: Debbie Green Parents: Barbara and Marvin Chapin Megan built a play room at Hospice in Mercy Hospital, which will allow more children to visit their sick loved ones.

Martha Grace Costello Troop number: Juliette (formerly of Troop 5656) Elkins, AR Troop leader: Judy Costello Parents: Tom and Judy Costello Martha Grace organized over one hundred costumes belonging to the Washington County Historical Society and developed a system for cataloging them and tracking their use.  The costumes are now more readily available for use by the re-en actors who present local history to the public and school groups. 

Amber Nicole Fulks Troop Number: 6157, Maumelle,  AR Troop leaders: Jane Darnelle and Rhonda Zajac Parents: Patrick Fulks and Laura DeMers Laura planned and built 3 sturdy benches and placed flower boxes on them at the Elmcroft Retirement Center, Maumelle, AR.

Casey Gibson Troop number: 3101, Jonesboro, AR Troop leader: Dr. Cynthia Miller Parents: Cynthia Miller and George Gibson For Casey’s Gold Award project she put together a book for young girls. The goal of her book was to provide girls with beneficial and inspirational life advice, contrary to the ideas about femininity they might be absorbing through the media and advertising.

Maria Ann Harrison Troop number:   2259, Texarkana, AR Troop leader: Cindy Hall Parents:   Scott Harrison & Lydia Harrison Maria Ann collected donations  of money and physical items from local organizations for the Department of Human Services. The money was used to purchase remaining items that DHS needed that were not donated. DHS received three blowup beds, pillows, sheets, and blankets for the beds, toiletries, and other necessary items DHS for overnight stays.

Brenda Heminger Troop number: 2259, Texarkana, TX Troop leaders: Cindy Hall, Tammy Heminger, Jennifer SheltonParents: Tammy and Jeff Heminger Brenda built  a mobility courtyard so that the OTA students at Cossatot Community college in Ashdown, Arkansas can teach their patients how to walk on different surfaces and it can be used with the community to reduce falls in the elderly. 

Shelby Lorraine Hull Troop:  5223, Springdale, AR Troop leaders:  Stacye Wyatt and Nancy Phillips Parents:  Kimberly and Billy Hull Shelby began The SADD Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions. She started this club because she wanted to inform her peers of the dangers that happen voluntarily in life that are caused by bad choices. 

Brittany McLaughlin Troop: 5223, Springdale, AR Troop leaders: Stacey Wyatt and Nancy Phillips Parents: Thespa and Rodney McLaughlin Brittany’s project, Gears 4 Girls, was a one day event on November 9, 2013 at the Springdale Youth Center created to get young girls excited about science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM related career paths by showing them that science and math can be fun with cool educational activities.

Jacqueline Leigh Oakley Troop:   6438, Sherwood, AR Troop leader: Susan Oakley Parents: John and Jennifer Oakley Jacqueline’s project was to photocopy the death records of the Reubel Funeral Home from 1901 to June 30, 1925.   The records were then downloaded and organized on a computer. By creating a digital version of the data from the death records, information can be easily accessed and analyzed. 

Elizabeth Phillips Troop: 5223, Springdale, AR Troop leader:  Stacye Wyatt Parents: Robert and Nancy Phillips Elizabeth’s Blessing Bags project was created after two workers from the Children’s Safety Center came to speak to her youth group about the impact of child abuse in NW Arkansas.  Over  100 children were given Blessing Bags filled with personal items as well as items needed in their foster homes. 

Rebecca Rand Troop:  6245, Benton, AR Troop leaders:  Toni Slover and Suzan Rand Parents:   Glen and Suzan Rand Rebecca informed caregivers and parents in the community about The Period of Purple Crying. By giving presentations about the Period of Purple Crying more people in the community will be educated and fewer children will suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Deandra N. Rose Troop: 2072, Atlanta, TX Troop leader: Sandra Rose Parents: Rickey Sr. and Sandra Rose Deandra’s Gold project partnered with expert presenters for a four week workshop “Teen U College Prep.” The workshop covered four major topics: emotion management, social and stress management, finance/budgeting and health and fitness. 

Brittanee Ross Troop: 5223, Springdale, AR Troop leaders: Stacey Wyatt and Nancy Phillips  Parents: John and Trish Ross Brittanee chose to start a tutoring program for students at Hunt Elementary, specifically Spanish speaking students. In the spring semester of her junior year, she tutored eight kids ranging from second through fifth grade that spoke Spanish. She tutored them in Math and in Reading twice a week. 

Mikayla Shelton Troop: 2259, Texarkana, AR Troop leader: Cindy Hall Parents: Paul and Jennifer SheltonMikayla collected stories from older people about their lives and their upbringing. She compiled the stories into a book and gave copies to the participants and the public library. 

Quinshell Mae Smith Troop: 6659, Little Rock, AR Troop leader: Kim Holland Parents: Lynette Morgan Quinshell  addressed  issues faced by children in  foster care. She held weekly seminars for foster care girls ages 12 to 18 which resulted in more self-awareness, knowing how to protect oneself and making good career choices. 

Emily Smock  Troop: 6134, Little Rock, AR Troop leader: Deborah Bobo Parents: Kyle and Melisa Clouette Emily started a school club for animal lovers to help improve the lives of animals. The club created a walking path for the Little Rock Animal Village giving the animals a safe place to run and bond with potential adoption families. 

Victoria Spradley Troop: 6134, Little Rock, ARTroop leader: Deborah BoboParents: J. Mark & Laura SpradleyVictoria turned a vacant lot next to the Roosevelt Road Harmony Health Clinic into a family-friendly exercise area for patients and visitors. 

Sierra Westberg Troop: 2169, Arkadelphia, AR Troop leader: Pam Westberg Parents: Scott and Pamela Westberg Sierra worked with the librarian at Perritt Primary School to design and create the Adiele and Marley Crutchfield Reading Corner-a corner in honor of the lives of two sisters, students and Girl Scouts who loved reading. 

Taylor L. Wyatt Troop: 5223, Springdale, AR Troop leaders :  Stacye Wyatt & Nancy Phillips Parents: Stacye & T.A. Wyatt Taylor held a sportsmanship camp for children in elementary school to educate them on the importance of sportsmanship and basic soccer skills. She also created a Public Service Announcement for families around the community discussing the  important facts on sportsmanship. 

Ashten Bailee Yarberry Troop: 6687, Conway, AR Troop leader: Faith Yarberry Parents: David and Faith Yarberry Ashten built a “Living Periodic Table” on display in the hallway of University of Central Arkansas’ Chemistry Department. The table was designed to help Chemistry majors, non-majors and non-college students understand elements and their behavior.