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Service Unit Recognitions

Recognitions at a Service Unit Level

One of the most meaningful forms of recognition comes from a volunteer's peers and from the parents of girls in the troop.

It is recommended that at minimum, once a year, a Service Unit thank volunteers for their work with girls. This thank you may be in the form of a dinner or it could be a special ceremony at a Service Unit meeting.


Appreciations are the day-to-day ways to say "thank you" to volunteers - they are intangible benefits and heartfelt displays of recognition. These sincere expressions of appreciation are based on specific contributions and are given in a timely manner by peers and parents. Informal recognition is powerful and effective, because volunteers feel valued by a personal touch. Examples of meaningful informal rewards include:

  • A welcome or thank you card or letter
  • A recommendation for a volunteer position
  • Complimenting a volunteer's work to their manager or other volunteers (in the volunteer's presence)


The SU Recognition Ceremony

Service Unit Recognition Booklet