Enrichment Series

Take your leadership experience a step further with hands-on enrichment courses. Select from various classes, from traditions and ceremonies to Dutch oven cooking. These are face-to-face courses and are listed on the
Adult Education Calendar.

Ceremonies and Traditions

Discover our Girl Scout traditions like SWAPS and dunk bags. Learn about traditional ceremonies such as bridging, investiture and Scout's Own. Connect with your girls about their importance. 2 hour class $5.

Sing it! Play it!

Come and learn new and traditional songs and games that will bring tons of fun to your troop meeting. Do you know the Princess Pat song? Or how to play the "Winking Game?" You will! 2 hour class $5.

Girl Scouts Attention!

A flag ceremony is a way of showing love and respect for one's country. Flag ceremonies are used for a variety of reasons, but they all have one thing in common - respect for the flag. Learn about flag etiquette and simple ceremonies to do with your girls. 2 hour class $5.

Outdoor Cooking 101

Have you ever thought about cooking in a box? How about in a can? Can you cook with the sun? One of the best parts of camping, at any age, is enjoying delicious meals prepared in the great outdoors. Explore the many ways to make an outdoor culinary delight! 3 hour class $5.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Would you like to know how to do an outdoor flag ceremony and there is no flag pole? Would you like to find out how to build a ceremonial campfire with purple and green flames? Want to know more about a Scout's Own? This Outdoor Ceremonies enrichment will present the basics of planning outdoor ceremonies. 6 hour class $5.

Very Pinteresting!

Pinterest...What is it and why do you need it? Pinterest is an online pin board for inspiration and categorization for all of your crafting hopes and dreams! Join us for an overview and discussion then let's dive into some favorite projects. 2 hour class $5.